Skills4Industry helps students through the Edge Program gain the competencies, and connections, they need to succeed after they graduate. The Skills4Industry Foundation learning support orchestration platform includes one-to-one virtual mentoring, integrative competence coaching, practical digital transformation cloud architecture, and microservices program to help students get through employers’ doors, start adding value and earning at the highest bracket of their graduating class. From day one our students are provided access to create their login credentials to Skills4Industry cloud architecture to create their container with access to Skills4Industry LearningLog, over 1000 undergraduate program disciplines that are academic knowledge, work, and lifeskills weighted courses. Partner mentors, teachers, coaches, and professionals are provided digital transformation in education programs at no cost and compensated for their time and publications to develop mastery of all aspects of the Skills4Industry integrative competence framework. Our partners through Skills4Industry Foundation orchestrated digital transformation in education program have experience in-demand occupations students are interested in breaking into with professional coaching, advice, and guidance training.